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  • Professional Body Composition Monitors

    The MC-780 MA provides instant analysis of a clients health and fitness status as well as monitoring their progress over time. Its interactive stand-alone unit means clients can step on and take a measurement without specialist assistance and a full medical-grade segmental body composition analysis is performed in less than 20 seconds. 

    The MC-980 MA Plus Segmental Body Composition Analyser with Windows and Sarcopenia Assessment The complete stand alone monitoring and software package for your business. The MC-980 MA PLUS is the ultimate tool in providing comprehensive information for personalised health and fitness consultations.

    The DC-430 MA - Dual Frequency Body Composition monitor with integrated printer. For fast, accurate medical assessments. Featuring Dual Frequency BIA technology, the DC-430 MA S delivers full body composition analysis in 15 seconds. 

    The Tanita DC-360 - Dual Frequency Body Composition Monitor with Integrated Printer For fast, accurate medical assessments. Featuring Dual Frequency BIA technology, the DC-360S delivers full body composition analysis in 15 seconds. 

    The SC-240 MA - Portable Body Composition Analyser The SC-240 MA is the lightest medically approved body composition monitor on the market, weighing just 4.7kg. 

  • Segmental body composition monitors

    The BC-545 N - Segmental Body Composition Monitor. The BC-545 N uses Tanita Advanced Segmental Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to analyse and measure body fat and muscle mass percentages in five separate segments: the arms, legs and core abdominal area, providing results in just 15 seconds. 

    The BC-601 - Segmental Body Composition Monitor with SD Card. The Tanita BC-601 uses segmental technology and connects via SD card and Windows (only) to analyse your body in five segments: the arms, legs and core abdominal area, providing you with in-depth information on body fat and muscle mass percentages. 

  • Body composition monitors

    Körperanalysewaage-tanitaTanita Body composition monitors / scales

    The Tanita BC-543 is a Body composition monitor in stylish glass design with patented transparent electrodes. 10 different measurements and children's healthy body fat range. Perfect for family monitoring, up to 4 memories and guest mode.

    The Tanita BC-587 is perfect for monitoring changes in your weight and body composition over time. Using the latest Innerscan technology you will see the true impact of your diet and fitness programme on your body giving you the motivation to achieve your goals. With a high weight capacity of 200 kg and an extra wide platform, the monitor provides perfect stability when stepping on and off the scale. Results are clearly displayed on an extra large LCD screen with bright blue backlight. - Extra wide platform for stability and security - Advanced InnerScan Technology - Four data storage memories - Advanced Dual Frequency Technology - Patented transparent electrode technology

    The Tanita BC-1000 offers the ability to wirelessly link data to remote displays, such as a personal computer, Tanita D1000 Desktop Display or selected ANT compatible devices. The BC-1000 will communicate wirelessly to transmit nine essential readings within seconds after stepping on the platform. The BC-1000 platform features no display, as readings are automatically transmitted. The GMON FIT 1000 software has been designed specifically for this model ensuring fast capture of data and long term result analysis.

    Tanita RD-953 - Introducing world's most extensive smart scale RD-953. Nothing compares to this Bluetooth connected smart scale that gives you over 10 body composition readings, including the unique muscle quality assessment. Understand and see the results of your healthy eating habits and training before the mirror shows you. This smart scale analyses you through medical grade Dual Frequency BIA technology, allowing you to have the highest body composition accuracy in the comfort of your home.

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