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Tanita BC-543 body composition scale


New product

Body composition monitor in stylish glass design with patented transparent electrodes. 10 different measurements and children's healthy body fat range. Perfect for family monitoring, up to 4 memories and guest mode.

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Delivery time: 3-7 workdays

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BC-543 - Body composition monitor in stylish glass design

All functions of the TANITA BC-543:

Four memory and gas memory for entering the basic data Large direct dial buttons for switching on the balance. Memory function. Athlete mode. Weight indication in 100 gram increments up to 150 kg. Body fat percentage indicated in 0.1% steps. Body water content indicated in 0.1% steps. Total muscle mass in kg. Body composition as a dimensionless number from 1 (adipose) to 9 (very muscular). Total bone mass in 100 gram increments. Viszeralfettlevel with assessment and trend indicator. Basic calorie consumption. Metabolic age characteristics. Further developed innerscan function. Stylish design in tempered glass. Four data stores for use by the whole family. Further developed dual-frequency technology. Patented technology with transparent electrodes.


mass Body Fat% .(Age 5-99). Indicator for healthy body fat. Total body water%. Muscle mass. Bone mineral mass. Indicator for visceral fat. Basic turnover. Metabolic age. Determination of physique. Guest mode. Retrieval of previous measurement.

Further functions of the TANITA BC-543:

Using the individual muscle mass and weight, the new BC-543 calculates the basic calorie consumption. This can be increased by muscle building and more sports.

The body value measures the weight and the body fat proportion to the age, the muscle mass, the body size. The result is a dimensionless number between 1 (a lot of fat, few muscles) and 9 (a lot of muscle mass, little fat).

For the metabolic age, the weight and the calorie metabolism are set in relation to average values. From 17, the body builds up muscles and fat, which can only be counteracted by sporting activities. The metabolic age indicates the statistical age to which their own basic metabolic rate can be assigned. If it is higher than the actual age, it indicates muscle loss or high fat content, among which the user is in good physical condition.

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